Hello there.

I am looking at low wattage tube amps that I could use for my bedroom playing. I don't need a big amp.

Does anyone know about the Vox AC4TV ?

Can it play stuff like The Strokes ?
(If you are unfamiliar with them)

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It could. On their current tour, one guitarist uses a Fender Super Sonic Half Stack, and the other uses two Hiwatt heads. The Fender user being the lead, Hiwatt user usually playing rhythm. But according to your sig, you would be happier with an English voiced amp.
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If it operates anything like my AC15, then yeah it should man. While the Strokes are an American band and used Fender amps in the beginning, they're style of music is very brit-rock/indie-rock, so I think a low-gain British-voiced amp would be right up your alley, especially for interpol, arctic monkeys, and franz ferdinand.
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tested one last week.

i tried the combo. not that i wanted to, but i was testing a pedal and i asked to plug into a tube. i had a p90 les paul. good sounding amp. vox chime, good crunch. single channel, very responsive. no EQ but tone control worked well.

gain and guitar volume was VERY resonsive. you can easily go clean or crunch with very sinsitive ajustments. the 1/4 to 4 watts made a huge difference. if you want grit to go to 1/4 watt with humbuckers or p90s. man. straight dirty blues.

i do have to say the vox 2 watt night train is FAR better, but its more expensive
I would definitely go for the head and cab version; the combo sounds a little weak with the 10in speaker (I made that mistake and wish I could get the head and cab).

The amp will do a pretty decent strokes tone, especially since it's not too hard to emulate their sound. It'll also do a good Arctic Monkeys and can sing the dirty rock(think lenny kravitz), but you won't get bell like cleans.
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vht special 6 might be a better call for strokes tones
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I can't say exactly what song, but in their interview in Guitar World they talked about using the AC4TV on a specific solo from a song on their new album. I say go for it, they're great amps.
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It should be pretty alright for strokes. And as Superman08 said in a recent issue their longer haired guitarist said they recorded a solo with it on their latest album.
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