I just picked up a used jackson and it has some warp and twist in the scarf joint. It affects the first 2 frets only on the high e and b. Leveling the frets would fix it but would still leave a warped fingerboard. Anyone know any good fixes or have any ideas? Thanks for any guidance guys.
some pictures may help. Also, some degree of the magnitude of the twist would help. Have you tried clamping it?
I'll post some pics later when I get a chance, I expect that it will be hard to see in pics though, it's almost very minor, like maybe a mm or less of a bow/dip in the first 2 frets on the high e and b, just enough to cause those frets to buzz out when everything is set up right, if it wasn't compound radius I would just remove the frets and level the board then refret, but at this point I don't want to mess with compound radius for fear of messing it up, never done any compound work before, although I'm pretty sure right now I could level the first 5ish frets and get everything working good, so that's what I'll probably do as a temp fix, then eventually just get a new neck, I guess you can't expect every <$500 guitar to be perfect...I haven't tried clamping it but I expect it would have to be clamped for a lot longer than I'm willing to leave it for it to actually make a difference.