I've recently noticed that I spend way too much time buying 9-volt batteries. My band has started gigging a lot more, and I find myself having to stop by Wal Mart at least once every 2 weeks. I only have three pedals (an EHX, MXR, and Dunlop Crybaby), but I think it's time to get an external power supply.

So...for only three (potentially 4, maybe 5) 9-volt pedals, what would be my best option for the price? My price range would be less than $200

I've looked into the T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior ($100), but I'm not sure if EHX is compatible with it. I can't seem to find anything one way or another.

I've heard that the Voodoo Labs PP2 is the best option out there right now, but it's $200 and might be overkill if I only need 3 pedals.

Can someone knowledgable in this field give me some advice on what's best for me?
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I have a 1 spot by Visual Sound.You buy the transformer and you buy adapter cords for either 5 or 8 pedals . I run 4 pedals and have room for 1 more and it cost like $35. It works for me
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Everything I have read about One Spot says that it gives off a hum. Is this a major issue with you?

Or is my voltage going to be too small to produce a hum?
Whether I am a hungry rabbit or a frightened carrot, my home is the same.
I think the Voodoo Labs ISO-5 is only $110 or so and it'd do the trick. It has similar features to the PP2+, without the courtesy outlet and a few other features that you probably won't need.

I've recently switched to CIOKS power supplies, since they cover high mA pedals, AC power, etc all-in-one but they're closer to $200.
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1 spot.

with those pedals you arent drawing that much current. it wont be that noisy. i would just plug it into a surge protector/power conditioner and it hould work fine. that will also help cut down on noise.
get the 1 spot now to get you by...but I would consider the PP2. 3 pedals can turn into 8 very quickly when suffering from GAS lol.

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Just an update:

I went with the One-Spot. The guy at the shop assured me that he had never heard about the humming. It seems to be working fine and without problems and at only $35, I couldn't be happier. I wish I would have gotten it sooner before throwing all my money into 9 volts
Whether I am a hungry rabbit or a frightened carrot, my home is the same.
hi, just wondering if you could help me, im in a simular situation you were in, i've got a korg A5 and a few other pedals, do you think that the 1 spot be ok with them?
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