Hello fellow guitar players

This is my first Cover , quality of the video/audio isnt the best , but its the best i can do atm, I would really appreciate some comments on what and how to improve.

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Gear :Squier + Vypyr 15W / UCG102 + Picks = Awesomeness !
No comments ? Is it really that bad :P C'mon People
Gear :Squier + Vypyr 15W / UCG102 + Picks = Awesomeness !

Mabye you should try commenting on other peoples threads... also commenting in your own thread and asking for more replies is a big no no at ultimate guitar.com (so you know :-P)

Your playing is solid man, love the solo. a few things to keep in mind are the bends. Sometimes they sound a little out of tune like 0.35. And the sound quality is of course not that good but still pretty decent.

I must admit i really like the tone you got going there man !

keep it up !

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Im a newb on this corner :p Thanks for the info man.

Totally agree with what you said, will try to improve =)

I tried to go with a tone not too heavy to fit the song, glad you liked it.
Gear :Squier + Vypyr 15W / UCG102 + Picks = Awesomeness !