So I've been playing guitar for about 4 years now, and within the last year or 2 I've been starting to write my own stuff. I don't have much to show for it, but I throw things together here and there. I do sing with my band but I'm not a great song writer - lyrical/vocally. Because of that, all my stuff has been instrumental.

The kind of style I've been writing has been basically backing tracks of guitar (distorted/clean/acoustic), bass, drums, and sometimes synths and strings, and then I'll write a lead melody over the top to replace where the vocals would go. So kind of Satch or Vai style.

In that respect, this may sound a bit weird. In my head, the songs are broken down into verses, choruses, all that jazz. The backing stuff follows that trend, even though the lyrics aren't present to distinguish the sections. Most of the melodies are quite slow (not shredding) as the melody of a voice would be, so now I'm starting to implement a section equivalent to a guitar solo, where everything just takes it up a notch and the guitar properly shows off. As it's already instrumental, I'm finding this really hard to do. The lead isn't so much of a problem as the backing.

Has anyone got any tips on how to write an effective, distinguished backing section for a guitar solo? Thanks
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