i have been playing for lots of years on a fender squire strat and a fender solid state amp, both of which i plan on upgrading because i got a band together, the amp to a $300ish 15-20 watt tube amp, the guitar to either a used gretsch corvette ($400) or a new epiphone wildkat. i cannot upgrade both at once, so which should i upgrade first and to what?
What type of music are you going to be playing? and what type of venues? small clubs? gyms? will there be a PA available?
i play mostly blues rock. small clubs. i have gigged before (obviously not with my own equipment, its shit) and the places i went all had PA's except one, but it was a bar.
I would say upgrade the amp first. You don't need a good guitar to gig, but you need a loud enough amp.

Also, I wouldn't recommend the Electromatic Corvette. It's not that good of an instrument for its price range. (Although, if you get it for $400US, and it's in good condition, I think it wouldn't be a dumb decision, but in my opinion, you could do better.)
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thanks for the advise. my guitar doesnt actually sound too bad on a good amp, its an HSS and i put a GFS dream P90 in the bridge, so i probably will get an amp first. which one? i want 15--20 watt tube. preferably no more than $300.

as for the guitar, when i do eventually get it, what specifically would you recommended?
You should really get a Fender Telecaster, more specifically the american Nashville B-bender model
I like shotguns. thats all you need to know
hmm... those are nice but im starting to really like the wildkat.
15 - 20 Watt tube amps eh? First one that springs to mind is the Fender Blues Jr. Great bluesey tones for a decent price, can be had in your price range pretty easily.

You could also consider the Peavey Classic 30, or Delta Blues.

As far as the guitar goes, I've never played an Electromatic Corvette, so I can offer you no opinion, but I have some experience with Electromatic 5120 Hollowbodys, which are fantastic guitars, I owned an Electromatic Pro Jet for a time, it was really good in its own right as well, played wonderfully but I didn't care for the mini-humbuckers. I've got no issues with the Epi Wildkat either, I played one several times while shopping for what turned out to be my Sparrow Big Daddy. Geat little guitar for the money.

You could also consider an Epi Dot, or Les Paul. Both great blues machines.

Good luck
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