Overall which do you think takes more skill, strategy, athleticism, toughness, and overall which is better.

In my opinion, I'm tired of brits bagging on football without really knowing what it's really about. Let me clear some things up.

-4 out of 11 guys are usually very large (not fat). The other guys are usually in outstanding shape and could probably beat any rugby player. These 4 guys are large for strategic reasons, to get through the opposite line. So don't stereotype football players as "fat" when the majority of them are usually in better shape than the average rugby player.

-We wear pads because if we didn't, we would most likely kill each other because of how hard we hit.

-We don't have "breaks" because we are tired or need a rest. It is part of the strategic game when you call the next play. And also in the short times we are using energy, we are going all out and giving every ounce of energy we have into every hit and movement. If rugby players played like this, they would pass out in exhaustion.

-Football players hit 3 times harder than rugby players. And even with pads, I can guarantee it hurts more (both to the hitter and the guy getting hit). Proof here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7tGY-VDx3o

-Football is MUCH more strategic than rugby. There is no way to deny that.

Football is much better in my opinion. Discuss.

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No v.s. threads, but you put up a good argument.
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