Hey guys!
So I currently have a Blackstar HT-5 head into a kind of crappy 12in speaker. Love the amp! The speaker...eh. But anyways im headin off to college pretty soon and have been looking into some stuff.

I plan on putting some recording software on my laptop. Ive been looking into either Guitar Tracks Pro 4 for its awesome recording abilities, or Guitar Rig 4 Pro for the HUGE modeling options.

Second, I'm a little dissatisfied with my HT-5 right now. Im also moving into an apartment and probably need a quieter amp to tick less neighbors off So that's why I'm looking into the HT-1R.

So I'd like some input from here! I've considered selling my HT-5 and buying an HT-1R with GTP4 and using the line out for some cool recording and stuff for college life. Or I could keep the HT-5 (even though the wattage is a little too high) and have some great modeling like in GR4P, but with lackluster recording options.
I'm open to any suggestions or opinions so fire away!
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Don't get rid of the HT-5 man, I have my HT stage-60 in my apartment and no one ever complains, the 5 is small enough, any smaller I think you may regret it, I know bigger isn't better, but too small isn't either. Seriously who cares if its a little loud, everyone has loud ass sound systems and amps, you won't be the only one, trust me, they'll just have to get over it.

As far as the recording software goes, just weigh out what you want more, Better editing capabilities, or more amps and effects to choose from. I personally own Guitar Rig 4 and i think its pretty lame, I use Logic for its far higher capabilities, which I think pay off way more in the end, but everyones different. Don't forget you can always purchase one program now and after you save up buy another one later, their pretty inexpensive programs to begin with