I can't even tell you it's suppose to be hardcore, metalcore, or thrash based to be honest. I'm usually have trouble writing my verses and choruses and end up with a simple power chord progression, but I don't know if I'm using it correctly.

Well, tell me if it's sucks, or half-way decent. The bridge sounds a bit weird since I couldn't tell precisely what were the note values for my chords and ignore the silent measure about a solo (I said it was a work in progress). Change the instrument settings if you want cause the only one I had to work with sounds horrible (honk honk).
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Wow goatsock you really picked that song up. Very nice edit.

Nightwolf just kinda pickup and figure out the things goatsock added in. Your version was quite bland but the newer one sounds much more promising and sounds like it can go somewhere.
goatsock, that edit is fantastic.

Like Kyle said, you should just pick up from his edit, and look into what he did with bass/drums.
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1. Goatsock; that was an excellent edit. Although it's not the direction I would try to take it, it sounds VERY good

2. I didn't even know you could use bass and drum in Guitar Pro; nor do I know how to write them in the program (especially drums)

3. The thing is: I have VERY limited experience in song writing and overall skill. Although I plan to take classes in college, I don't know how to think beyond just one guitar. And when I do, I usually have difficulty finding out how to write it down cause I have no experience in those instruments. What can I do to avoid this?

I want to say my original version sounded bland because of the lack of instruments; but I don't really see if the overall attempt, in terms of a rhythm guitar, was decent. Thank you for the advice and I'll see what I can do to change this.