Hey UG! My step-dad gave me his guitar a few years back, and I've recently started playing my guitar again (been a month and a half now) I left it at home, so I cant look at it at this moment, but I do remember it had what I believe to be a tremolo system. If memory serves me correctly, it had this thing at the bottom of where you the strings are (I believe its called the saddle, sorry my terminology isnt the best) and if you pressed down on it, it did what a tremolo bar does. Well, unfortunately, the guitar has a few quirks to it as stated by my friend who has been playing for years. The neck is bent, and the pickups are shot. So, its kind of unusable atm (I hope to get it fixed) However, I wouldnt mind having that thing on MY guitar. The only thing I could think of to be a problem is that my guitar is a "beginners gutiar" its an ibanez GRX40.

Tl;dr. Can I swap this part and put it on just any guitar?