I got an interview for a data entry position. from what I can find on the internet, its basically sitting at a desk entering data from paper into a computer, digitalising it.

I'm feeling like it's kind of a scam... can anyone shed some light on what this job could involve? anyone done this kinda of thing before?
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it's not a 'work at home' or online service.

there is an office close to my home.
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I'm not worried that the job is a scam, i'm worried that TS is a scam.
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It's just an interview. It's not like you have to take the job (assuming they offer it to you). Go to the interview, get all the information about the job that you can find out, and decide from there whether you should take it (once again, assuming they offer the position to you).
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I've read one review stating its commission based. that particular reviewer noted making less than minimum wage. I didn't even think that was legal... maybe he/she was a slow typer.
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I'm not sure how pay structure works or what that job entails where you are, CashMoney but down here data entry is a pretty standard, pretty boring job. But it pays, although I've never heard of a data entry position being commission based. I'm sure all will be told in the interview though.
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I used to do data entry for my dad's shop.

Just make sure you're working on the ground floor so you don't do too much damage when you launch yourself out of a window.
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