Alright, So im looking to get my 2nd Amp to replace my MG15 and Metal Zone Pedal (Dont ask, i was just starting out and had no clue).

I play a variety of different genres Mostly metal and rock though. Mostly for home use, jamming and possibly small gigs. Im currently using a LTD EC-50 if that helps.

Budget of around $800AU

All suggestions are welcome.
Do you want to go tube, or SS?

What's that budget in US dollars?

Any particular band's tones your fond of?

Are you looking for a head + cab, or a combo?

Are you also willing to go used? I dunno if there's a used market for you, so forgive my ignorance.
Go for a tube amp! I used to play the Line6 Spider IV 30 watt solid amp. It was a good starter amp, but stepping up to a Tube Head and Cab was a good call. That is my only recommendation. GO FOR A GOOD TUBE HEAD AND CAB!!
ROCK ON! \m/

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Well I'm just going to say peavey 6505 112 combo and bugera 333xL 212 combo are around there in US dollars.
So yeah that's my contributions
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Tube is preferred. The budget is about the same due to the Australian dollar being so good.
Would prefer a combo but a head and cab would be acceptable.
Used would be fine but there isn't much where im based.
As far as tone goes; i listen to a lot of Foo Fighters, Paul Gilbert, Lamb of God, to give you some sort of basis.
If there's amp that could do most of those would be good, with or without certain pedals.
If that makes sense =S
If you're in Melbourne, I think I have found what you need:
Peavey Valveking 112.

I spotted this a week back, and for what you're doing (jamming and playing at home), it's more than enough at 50W. You can hook it up to a cab if you need it to be louder (if you start gigging), or just mic it, since that's what most large-ish venues will do.
Combos are great, as they don't take up massive amounts of space and on top of all that, it's only $550, which is below your budget, so you can spend the extra cash on fancy pedals.

Anyway, without any extra info, that's pretty much what I recommend.