im looking for a bassist around the area of modiin that will be a basist not a guitarist on a bass!!! some one that knows theory and understands dynamics, more of a roger waters then a jackoff pastourius

the style is give or take clasic rock/ pshycadelic rock, pogresive and symfonic, and jammy, any thing that you have to put your self into it in order for it to work

our last bassist got drafted into the army, we had our fair share of gigs big and small, and looking to take this as far as it goes and relly go for it, i have a recording studio in my house so your not gona have to pay for parctice time (i was recrutied once to a solo artists band and the basterd wanted me to pay for time!!!)
im going out on a lim here, hope your out there mr bassist

btw the bands name is "The Psychadelephant" i hope i dont get banned for this but heres a link to our youtube page

peace and harmony