Hi guys, just picked myself up one of the above guitars for an absolute bargain, with a hard case thrown into the deal. Really lovely guitar to play and really suits some of the Irish music I'm playing at the minute that was written originally for harp by Turlough O'Carolan in the 17th-18th Centuries.
Does anybody know anything about the maker Antonio Lorca? As far as I know the guitar was bought in Andorra (small country between Spain and France) but the internet is less than overflowing with info on the brand. I just like to know a bit about where my guitars come from, and this is the most unusual I've had so far.

Specifically I'd be looking for reccommended strings to put on the guitar. I havent played classical/nylon guitars in a few years, and back when I did all I cared about was that there were 6 strings. Now I'm a bit more picky about tone etc, but I know very little about classical string selections etc.

If anybody has any info it'd be greatly appreciated!