Hey, i know theyre multi effects but i'm having a clear out an wondering if anyone has any use for them.

got two up for sale, sadly neither are boxed or have the manuals, the gfx has software but i don't know where the disk is, and the version on the CD doesn;t work on XP and above anyway, its all available from the zoom website....

GFX 8 - metal body, fairly meaty thing, does quite a bit and the effects aren't too bad to be honest, can throw in a midi-usb cable for connection to a computer for use of the software - £100 + postage ono

GFX 707 - cheaper one, missing its power supply, but runs off a standard 9v daisy chain or AA batteries, been great for small scale gigs and busking - £35 + postage ono

also trying to offload a Spider II but I doubt I'm going to get any interest here