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A friend of mine recently bought this guitar in for me to have a look at and Im having some major issues finding any information on it that is actually accurate.

Its a Kiso Suzuki W65A "Hummingbird"
SN: 91161

From what I can gather off the minute amount of info available is that this guitar is one of the 70's Jap Gibson imitation's that where built to exact specifications. (Sounds dubious to be honest) It has a Gibson styled headstock and exact hummingbird scratch plate graphic that is found on the Gibson classic. In general it seems like a pretty high quality guitar. And I would very much appreciate some more information about.

There must be someone on this amazing forum that knows this guitar and has some information on it. What I want to know is.

An actual date on the guitar ? My guess is between 1973 and 1975 (Probably way off)
Value ? My estimate £650 (More? Less?) I dont know, It all seems very vague to me.

There must be someone out there who knows this guitar. And as much info as possible would be great!

Images of actual guitar below. You can also have a look at more info http://guitarfeenz.blogspot.com/2011/05/kiso-suzuki-w65a-hummingbird-part-2.html

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Oh well, guess I tried. I did actually find a local guy that answered all my questions.

MODS! You can close this thread. Thanks for a great forum.
That's a nice guitar! So how much is it worth and what's the actual date?

Well, it still seems a bit vauge to me.

The guy thats fixing it reckons its a 1974 and worth around £700. But then someone else reckoned it was later than that (80's)

It just seems to me that there are many people out there who think they know whats cracking but no one I can actually

I did find a website dedicated only to Kiso Suzuki guitars and they cant put a date on it. They say that the serial numbers had nothing to do with date whatso ever and dating these guitars is very difficult.

The thing that interests me is the Gibson shaped headstock. Is there any body out there who knows when Gibson took legal precedings against Japanese replica makers?

Oh well, guess it doesnt really matter, just would have been nice to know. The guitar sounds amazing, I love playing it,. So I guess at the end of the day thats all that counts.
Thanks for your reply Rockitdog, yeah that's what really matters, if it's good it's good.