I came up with a 7/8rythm and added a 4/4 rythm over it.
The drum beats don't exactly sound how i wanted.
This was written with guitarpro and uploaded to mp3
How does it sound? If it's confusing let me know.
(you'll probably first listen to 7/8 and then only focus on 4/4 when the beat comes in, making it sound as if the 7/8rythm is completely off especially around 0.38. But does it work?)

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How do you do polyrhythms in guitarpro?

Sounds alright to me.

Thanks for checking it out!

Well i put everything in 7/8 actually, but put the drumbeats off beat making it sound as it's in 4/4.
So the arpeggios are 8th notes 7 times.
And the hi hats of the drum is 3 quarternotes and then an 8th note that binds with another 8th note in the next measure, making it sound as it's all quarternotes!
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Sounds pretty smooth.....

thanks for the comment! even the part at 0:38 where the drum is a bit slower?
WOW! Impressive stuff man!
I like your use of poly-rythyms very intricate sounding. We should team up sometime and write a song on guitar pro 5. Listen to some of my stuff, its not nearly as complex as what you write, but yeah man blown away. 5 outta 5 fer sure.