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Almost brand new (bought in Feb/March).

Looking to get close to what I paid (which was £150).

Have the box and all original stuff it came with. Has velcro on the bottom which can be removed.

Hit me with your offers.

Dealt with a few people on this forum and you can see that their feedback's been positive.

Alright mate.

Unfortunately not anymore. I bought two reverbs and put them head to head and this one sadly lost out. I'm planning on selling this and buying a Lovepedal Pickle Vibe (or something very similar) so that's all I'd be interested in trade wise.

Basically some good Vibrato/Phaser sort of thing.
another one sent =0 , i don't understand why there seems to be two different PM systems, in any case you got mail lol
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out of interest, what is the other reverb pedal you went for?
i'd find it hard to beat these..
Malekko Chicklet. Lovely pedal. The verb is a bit mellower than the Cathedral, and it has nowhere near as much range/features but it does pretty much what I want.

I'm not desperate to sell the Cathedral really - it's fantastic for the post-rock stuff I do + I love the plate reverb - it's just it would free me up to buy something else, or perhaps a new microphone.
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