This has been bugging me for a while, I can play they whole song (bar the closing solo, which i`m yet to attempt) but the intro when it changes from -240-- to -422-- keeps tripping me up.
When I barr at the 2nd fret with the index, and my ring finger on the 4 it squshes my index finger and I get a white knuckle & it hurts as I have to really force it to flatten - and it seems my fingers won`t let me put my middle finger on 2nd fret 3rd string without taking my ring finger off the 4.
I`ve spent hours and hours on this, but I feel the fingering i`m using just isn`t working. So how does everybody here finger this seemingly simple little thing
yeah i just use my index finger to hold down both 2s. If that doesn't work for you, I have no idea how you could play the rest of this song.
OK cheers, i`ll experiment with angeling the index a bit. I think it might be because I have very long fingers, my index is 83mm from web to tip, very usefull for somethings, but if I do have the index in a comfortable barr, the ring finger mutes the 4th string.