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Why is it that nearly all of us are deaf to ourselves?
Like; when we sing it sounds good, okay at the least. However when singing to somebody else or when confronted with a mic, it proves that 'your' voice isn't as pretty or in key as it is in our head.
The same thing is with instruments. Some of my guitar playing newbies sometimes come up to me like ''hey listen to this solo of [...]'' They play the solo on their guitars, convinced that it's perfect. However it isn't that tight or they don't use the techniques as they should be used.
What's up with that?!
We are naturally egotistical and just plain unaware of our own ability.
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that's why I record myself and then judge.

Yeah but even if the recording sounds awful; it is possibly still sounding pretty good in your head.
I first started singing and everyone said I was good. Years of singing went by and I'm still singing, accept people thought I was very meh.

My vocal range is awful, but notes that I can hit I can do alright.
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Your voice always sounds better in your head. It especially sounds better if you don't yet know how to project or you sing under your breath. I think that basically because it sounds good to you when you're doing it, you don't feel like you need to correct it until you hear it back to yourself and realise that it sounds weak/out of tune.
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For singing, its usually called "tone deaf", and it happens because the vibrations of your vocal chords sound different to you because they travel through your head to your eardrums, not through air.

Otherwise, ignorance of our imperfections lets us believe that we are perfect.
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Meh, I only seem to have the "tone deaf" problem when drunk at a karaoke bar, haha. But otherwise I'm extremely aware when my sound is totally ass or not in the least bit tight. I won't even go near a microphone when I'm sober because I know I suck.
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Not being able to tell if you're in tune is just you being tone-deaf.

Not being aware of what your voice really sounds like is common to everyone, however. Obviously it sounds different to you because it's resonating in your head and reaching your ears differently. Professional singers will develop an ear for noticing changes in their voice and learn to equate it to what it ACTUALLY sounds like, but without listening to a recording you really can't tell what your own voice is like that easily.
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Singing is a strange one as it will always sound different to others than yourself, as when you sing you hear vibrations from your entire scull, not just your vocal chords that others hear.