i remember you from the gary moore one! idk the song but i enjoyed it a lot! great tone man!!! very satrianish, and you have a lot of expression going on (in the playing at least lol :P) and solid technique! i liked, commented and add u as a friend on YT

c4c?? (more VG music :P )
Great song , didnt knew it, but has a great sound to it.

Loved the tone you gave it also.

I'd say its a flawless cover 5/5*
Gear :Squier + Vypyr 15W / UCG102 + Picks = Awesomeness !
That has got to be one of the catchiest melodies I've heard in a long time. Just a quick compliment to the composer :-P

As for your playing, I'll say this upfront: I have a personal vendetta against Ibanez. I hate them, I hate their guitars, and I hate their view on music in general.

With that being said, you have made me contemplate taking some of that back. Your playing is exceptional and smooth. Your tone is ridiculously good. The times where you do end up with some more technical playing showcase your well-rounded talent. Great work.

And by the way, I commented back in my thread with what i use to record. Here's the cliffnotes on it though:

Mic: Shure SM57
Mixer: Alesis Multimix 8
Software: Adobe Audition