I recently decided I will switch instruments from guitar to bass, I just really enjoy it and want to play it, I'm not even in a band anymore.

Thing is all my favorite bassists (the one's who inspired me to switch over, mostly Jazz bassists) play 6-string basses. I like the idea of the extended range, and I definitely plan on using extended techniques such as tapping, chords and soloing.

The question is, as a noob bassist with barely any ability to play, do I have to start with a 4-string and then upgrade, or can I start straight away with the 6 and save the cost of buying a 4 that I probably won't use after I get the 6.

I'm going to be very patient and I am willing to take the time to learn this extended instrument.

What is your advice?
definitely. I play a 6 and while I kinda wish I had a 5 instead sometimes its still awesome. 6's ar really no different than 4s for the most part and you can learn on it just as well as you can learn on a 4.
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If you really are inspired by a 6 string as DB said, skip the middle man,
Just know its going to be a bit rougher on your hands, your muscles etc. for a bit because of the extra stretching. But hey, by the sounds of it that won't slow you down, just work on technique and finger exercises etc. and you will pick it up in no time.
I have just standard hands i guess and played 4 strings for years before i picked up my beloved 6'er
Could play it upon picking it up but it certainly fatigues my hands alot more than playing a 4 string when playing an hour set etc. and i play 2-3 hours a day of either guitar or bass
Not a bass player, but I personally would go for a 5 first. I play a sevenstring guitar, and the width of the neck is about the same, but I barely feel able to fret 6 string basses.
If it's what you wanna learn then go for it. No point in buying a 4 string just to switch up to a 6 later. The playing styles are different and you should just learn what you wanna do.
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Thank you again everybody for the encouragement, you've certainly made me more comfortable about my decision