Hey i am cleaning my jackson rr24 right now the strings are all off and i even unscrewed and took off the floyd rose to see if i can replace the screws that keep it in place but couldn`t find any knew ones but the screws should last till next string changing. this is my first time restring a floyd rose completly and i am watching step by step videos on youtube on how to do it, however i only have Dr 10-46 gauge strings can i use these for D standard tuning, I just need to set up so i can practice in this tuning i use the whammy bar so will the tension be to tight. And how do i check to see if my intonation is set up for D standard. Thanks for all the help guys UG members rock!
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Yeah you can, but I find the 10 gauge to be far too loose for it. I use 11 myself. My band's lead guitarist uses 10-52 D'Addario set. So probably your bends will be quite easy, cause the strings aren't tight.
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do you know how to set your intonation? It's the same thing, just make sure you're tuning to D at the headstock, and set your intonation with the fine tuners and intonation screws (to D of coarse)