Hello there! I am curious if anyone out there has a reliable way to get a message to sozo amplification. I ordered 13 capacitors from Sozo's website on 3/30. Most of the caps were back-ordered until 4/25. I have sent them two emails and many many phone calls with no word from anything but an answering machine. Sinozoku placed another order for caps that were back-ordered. They have come in already, and I have installed them in my amp. His is still fully assembled until we get them but mine is in pieces, waiting on replacement components. Three of the caps I have ordered are hand-wound. I would be fine with the wait if they would just send an E-Mail saying why and when to expect them. I have heard amazing things about sozo and would love to hear it for myself, but until my amp is back together I will never know. Please, if anyone has any thoughts or a way to help please let me know. Thank you

Take care,
Hat Out