I'll try and make it short and sweet. I play in a cover band(70s, 80s, 90s). i'm currently using a 72 thinline tele, bugera bc30 and pod xt. I want to switch over the real pedals. We play skynyrd, ac/dc, doobie bros, bon jovi, grandfunk, etc.

I don't want a SHIT ton of pedals as I only play rhythm with a little lead in a few songs. What type of pedals should I look for? As of now I was thinking:

Tuner pedal
some type of fuzz box
overdrive, SD-1 maybe?
chorus pedal???

Any suggestions that won't break the bank?

Please let me know, cheers!
Tuner is a great idea

My favorite for soloing is a delay pedal.

Flanger can add some nice color to a lot of different songs.
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i wouldnt reccomend any of the boss distortion pedals, ive only ever had issues with them. mxr just came out with a new pedal that will give some really nice vintage tones. mxr carbon copy has a beautiful sound and really can add alot to your sound if u use it right. the boss tu-2 is a great tuner. (i had alot of issues with the newer tu-3). zvex fuzz is a really great fuzz box with nice tone. i personally prefer a phaser to a flanger, though pretty similar, the phaser has a nicer, more subtle tone.

so to sum it up, here would be a pretty sweet setup for u:
mxr '78 badass distortion
zvex fuzz
mxr carbon copy delay
mxr phase 90
mxr 6 or 10 band eq
cry baby 535 q wah
boss tu-2 tuner

that should do anything you want it to do
for tuning pedals, the polytune is actually one of the best sub 100$ tuners out there. it is accurate to +/- 1 cent which is much more accurate than the boss tu-3 and korg pitchblack.

if you play alot of ac/dc and skynrd stuff, i would suggest looking at the flex drive by rocket pedals. it gets the exact malcom tone which is probably exact what you would be looking for. it does have a higher price of around 180 new. but used it goes for less than 100.

if you want chorus effects, i would suggest looking at the visual sounds h2o. it is very diverse and also has a delay setting as well (which can be very good for solo'ing). however, i personally use the mm4 and dl4 by line6.

apart from that, i don't know much else of what you would need to cover all those bands, except maybe some "hall" reverb.
I recommend checking out Cmatmod pedals. Great handbuilt pedals, with high quality parts and they don't cost much more than Boss, hardwire, etc.

If you do any Sabbath songs, the Wampler Triple Wreck is an amazing, highly versitile distortion. It is a wee bit exepensive, but worth every penny.