I am looking to sell a cheap squier bullet strat special. Its a hardtail and has one humbucker, nothing else. Just a volume control, no tone. How much could i get for it? I know, not much.
Throw it up for $50 bucks. You probably won't get any responses, but if you see one of those ads for someone who is just starting out and looking for gear, hit them up.

If all else fails, drop your price 10 bucks every repost.
Maybe you should mod the heck out of it first. I bet if you spend $50 and a dozen hours, you can get its resale up to $60 or maybe even $70, provided you dont screw up badly on something. Yeah, that sounds kinda like I'm dissing you or the guitar, but I am not. What you have is the opportunity to try some experiments and learn a whole lot with very little financial risk. Need some ideas? Custom wiring is very inexpensive and unlikely to degrade resale. The wiring options on a single pickup are minimal, but you could add an effects card (like Artec's QDD). Painting is the opposite cost/risk, but has great potential if it turns out you have some skills. Carving some holes to add another pickup and/or trem can be exciting and educational. The other weird thing that can happen when you mod your axe is that you love it more and wont sell it.