My friend has a band that I want to join, but I put it off because of a sucky singer, but I am still thinking about it. They were holding tryouts for a bassist, but I don't have a bass, but I am good at finger and picking at bass (3 finger speed).

One of the guitarists has a whole bunch of broken guitars hanging about in his room, and the other is actually okay, but they keep boasting about how good they are. I havent seen the latter guitarist play, but the other one sucks.

Should I just leave the band, or try to kick a guitarist out, or convince one of the guitarists (the leader) to put me in as a third guitarist?
Don't even bother with joining their band. Go try and join a band or start your your own project. Their band Ain't going anywhere.
Don't even bother. It already sounds like you're not !00% into it with that band. I would just tell them no thank you, and look for another band
It sounds like you're just in a bad band situation. Get out ASAP.

Also, get used to guitarists bragging even when they can't really play. It's everywhere.
^Also some guitarists are far better than what they talk about, some persons just don't want to brag, they want to truly show that they're good and talented.

TS,you should just go for another band. Either your own or completely another band. Why? Because the band you're talking about is whether nearly breaking up or they don't even care to get better.
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