Hey guys, this is just another demo my band made of a song we plan on recording in the studio soon. Advice is welcome, I'm down for C4C.


EDIT: Heres a live version of it, as this is more recent and how we plan on playing it for the actual recording.

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I listened to the demo, sounds good. Nice drumming, to begin with simple and to the point with some very nice subtle fills. But as it goes on those constant little fills become a little annoying, loses the groove a bit. It could be seen as a little bit repetetive sometimes as a lot of it is built around the same riff. Won't say much about the mix as it's a demo but it needs better balancing, the drums are way too up front except for the kick which is totally lost.
When you get into the studio make sure to double track those guitars and add more textures, the simplicity of the riff is good but wack that in a mix and it could lose any power unless you double it and give it something to lie against.

A good song all in all.

Check mine?

OK - don't take this the wrong way it's just my opinion.

1- Guitar player sounds great

2- Drums are WAY too busy. Bass is WAY too busy - this may be ok if they were locked up but it sounds like they're both kind of jamming and trying to play fancy and are not listening to each other.

3- Singer is on key but sounds like he's not used to singing in the studio.

My suggestions:

1- Make the bass player and drummer play the song with less parts and more feel - maybe play them some Curtis Mayfield or something and have them play for the groove.

2- Plan on doing the session, bringing the song home sans vocals and let the singer put it on his ipod and sing along (through a mic) and really get a feel for recording process

3- Guitar sounds good. Just solidify the parts so there are no clams.

Has the potential to be very good or mediocre depending on how you prep for it. I do like the band.