Hello pit,

Do you know any way to keep yourself awake without using energy drinks, coffee etc?

In my current situation, I would work for 8 hours, commute for 1 hour, help around the house and prepare for dinner then eat around 1 and a half hours then practice guitar/practice drums/compose/learn music theory/learn songs/ for remaining 3 or so hours.

The problem is I usually lose a lot of energy just after going home. I kinda figured out that I was sleep deprived cause I only get to sleep for around 4 - 5 hours (kinda variable)

This makes everyday a bitch cause I feel sleepy all day long.

Know any tips to make use of what little sleep I have? Energy drinks are harmful in the long run so those are not an option


CRAP!! uhm could any mod move this to The Pit (Wow this just proof that I AM sleep deprived) Sorry bout that
Take care of your metabolism. Make some time to exercise and start eating healthier foods.
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