I’m an Italian tenor singer.
I graduate myself to Music Academy in Bologna (2009) with the B.A. in Contemporary Music.

I would really really like to have some Live or Recording Studio experiences in other coutries and, expecially, I would really like to meet good musicians and bands.

I’m expecialized in american and british Rock and Hard-Rock and I have more than 160 songs already studied and played live.

I have even good experience on the stage and no problem to face the audience I’m a very scenic singer.

I don’t need too many rehearsals to prepare the show and, moreover, I have a little home-recording studio, so I could record tracks at home and send you the “rehearsals” on internet, before we meet.

I’ve said that I’m expecialized on Rock and Hard Rock, but I’ve no problem with other genres, you have only to ask.

[So if you are interested in this “cultural exchange” and in creating a very nice show Just call me.

A good way could be:

1) Define 20 – 25 songs and build an hypothetical show;
2) Home-record as many songs as possible and have some internet-rehearsals
3) Use the records to build a little demo and book some Live Shows in a restricted period.
4) I come to your country, we have two or three rehearsals (not more) and finally the Live Shows.
5) We all come back home happy and with some money in the pocket (Isn’t it nice?).

Here a little list of some rock band I sing with my band in the 2011 show (in Italy).
(Please call me for C.V. and demo)

Guns N’ Roses
Led Zeppelin
David Bowie
Rolling Stones
Bon Jovi
Motley Crue
Skid Row
Billy Idol
Joan jett
Pink Floyd
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