I have a Gibson Les Paul '59 reissue, a crate BV120h tube head and peavy cab, a volume pedal, and a boss os-2 overdrive/distortion pedal. I have been trying many ways to order these to where I can do this....

Have one channel (the amps clean channel) for obviously clean sounds, this really isnt the problem just stating that.

Have another channel/pedal that I can use for distortion backup, I would prefer for this to be my amps second channel because the distortion on that channel sounds way better to me than my os-2.

And now here is where the problem is. I basically want an overall boost of the amps distortion channel for my solos. I have tried putting my os-2 in the effects loop and even before the amp. none seem to work. I have also tried putting my volume pedal in the loop but that gets to where I often cannot get it dialed in right to balance with the band after returning from a solo.

Essentially I want to be able to stomp on the amps foot switch to go from clean to distortion, then from that have another switch that can give me a boost to that sound without changing the sound of the amp too much. I would prefer not to use the effects loop if possible because the extra wires I need to set that up get in the way a lot. I have about $300 to spend on new gear if anyone can recommend anything new that would solve this problem. Thanks for your help.
set the os-2 as an overdrive, then turn the gain down and the level up. if that doesnt get the results you want, look into a clean boost. it will just give you a little volume boost like you want
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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Not sure if this might end tweaking your tone too much, but I also have a bv120h and I run a flanger (a crappy $25 ebay job) in the fx loop and it works great as a solo boost, strange as that may sound. It seems to add a lot of extra midrange honk and thickens things out nicely, as well as adding a bit of extra character to the sound. Not sure how this would work for you as it does alter the overall tone quite a bit, might be worth trying though.
What Clean boost pedal would you recommend? I havent really tried many brands of pedals outside of boss or digitec so not sure on some ones Iv'e been looking at.
If you have a chorus pedal, try that for a boost. It gives it some edge and cuts through more.

Alternatively, I suggest using an eq pedal with the mids up. This will pull your tone to the front of the mix.

I use both methods depending on the song, and I started using my guitars volume knob/pickup switch.
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What Clean boost pedal would you recommend? I havent really tried many brands of pedals outside of boss or digitec so not sure on some ones Iv'e been looking at.

If you want a purely clean boost try reincaster's idea of using a graphic eq, that should allow you to push your amp a bit harder as well as shape your tone very effectively. You could also try something like the Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive pedal, which gives you the option of a traditional tubescreamer type sound or a purely clean boost.
I use my compressor/sustainer pedal for this purpose, works really well and doesn't change the sound that much, the only other pedal I use for solos is an overdrive pedal on top of my amps overdrive, but thats for dirty feedback type solos, it changes the sound a bit.
so much fail in here.

What you need (far better than a boost pedal for this app) is an eq pedal (parametric/graphic). Since your going for a 'solo' boost you want to boost the midrange to help you cut through the mix. The pedal will need to go after the preamp. If you put a boost pedal before distortion, it will only give you a slight boost in dirt levels