Well I finally got an electronic production program I feel comfortable with - FL Studio.
Song is on my profile. Thing is I dunno' how to get that 'professional' quality or equivalent; should I start out recreating other professional artists' songs (such as synth sounds or song structure) or delve into my own style etc.?

So far I've been working from some very good tutorials for beginners but that will only get me so far - just wondering if there's any experienced electronic producing types here .

Mostly hints on how I could improve the mastering and the synth sounds is essentially what I'm looking for in other words .

C4C on any comments/crits .

Have you heard of motivational speaker Anthony/Tony Robbins? I have known him since 7th grade. It seems to me, doing firewalking put him on the map. At a high school reunion, he gave me a coupon to do one of his firewalking seminars, but I elected to do a different motivational event instead. Your song: sounds quite good to me! Nothing to complain about from me. Nice synths. I do synths too, please check out my music at this link:

@salamander121 i think that was pretty cool for a first take man. It was pretty legit peice actually.
For a first try, I thought it was pretty tight man. I mean I'm not really into the dancey "unce unce unce" kind of electronic, but I assume that's what you're going for and it sounds totally legit. I liked the kinda glitchy random part at around 1:13 I think it was, the little breakdown. Production wise, everything was sound, it was professional sounding pretty much, the synths were a little cheesy for my taste though, but again maybe that's what you're going for. Good work buddy.

If you could check out something from my album, that would be sweet. I recommend Homemade, but it's up to you.