Budget- Give or take, 500ish dollars, once I sell the head I have now.

Genres - I play music from most walks of life; Mastodon, Lamb of God, Tool, BTBAM, Maps and Atlases, EITS, Deftones, Four Year Strong, etc. I made myself sound less diverse than I think I am...

Home or Gig - I practice at home a good amount, but I'm also going to start practicing with a band give/take twice a week. Also planning to gig on the weekends and stuff. So it has to be gig worthy.

Closest City - The biggest one that matters is Hartford.

Current Gear - Vox AVT100H, Randall Warhead 4x12 Cab, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Ibanez 7321, ESP LTD SC-200.

The band is going to play alternative metal type of stuff, similar to tool, but with lamb of god influences and some other stuff. For all intensive purposes, I need a pretty versitile amp, with great metal tone.

I feel like every single kid who ever posts on here :/ i don't REALLY want a 5150/6505, but if that's what you all think, then so be it...
My Jet City can get a good Tool-esque tone with the right guitar, but it's the 20 watt. You'd probably want to go with the 50 watt, and I think the circuit is different.
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The 50 and 100 watt Jet City amps add a second "overdrive" channel (and names the 20's channel "crunch"), which does pretty well for tighter, metal oriented distortion. I would recommend trying it or looking it up on Youtube, the sound definitely has a chance of meetign your needs.