I am a bass player and lyricist for my band. For many months, I have slowly been compiling a set of lyrics for a special project of mine. This is, as silly as this sounds, an album about an old video game named Battlezone, released in 1998, and its various sequels, spinoffs, mods, etc. I am here asking if this is a sellable idea, whether it worthy to continue, and what not.

I will not post the lyrics here for now, I merely wish to know if it sounds like a good idea.

Here is a link to much of the information, backstory, and universe established by this game. It is sci-fi, and a gaming classic.

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I'd do it, especially if you enjoy it. It sounds like something I'd like to hear. I'm doing the same thing with a lot of lyrics I'm writing, I'm currently writing lyrics for a long song series about the draenei starting areas in World of Warcraft. Nerdy I know, but I enjoy it. I think it's a good idea!
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Write about anything that interests you. That's usually what lyrics are about. Writing lyrics are a way of venting, therapy, and expressing interest, etc.

Also, I think this is the wrong forum dude. Might be better in the technique sub-forum.
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I am here asking if this is a sellable idea, whether it worthy to continue, and what not.

I wouldn't be worrying too much about whether something is "sellable". Even if you have the best song ideas in history the chance of making any real money from them is very small.

There's absolutely no reason to not continue with it though - Even if it turns out awful you'll still have improved as a writer.