A few months ago I modded my Fender Strat, which was originally SSS, to make it HSS by putting a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge. I love the sound (which I guess is the point), but I know I made a mistake when I wired it in. I can only get sound out of the neck pickup but not the middle pickup, and I can't detect any change in sound when I mess with the tone knobs on the humbucker, yet it seems to be working on the neck pickup. What can I do?
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Look up a wiring diagram. Sounds like you missed a few things.

To be a biiit more helpful, compare every little bit to what you have. You probably just put a couple wires in the wrong spot. Strat wiring isn't the simplest thing in the world, easy enough to make mistakes.

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I did that when i was wiring mine with a super distortion. I found it pretty do-able to simply take out every wire but the jack and bridge grounding wire, and wire it up from scratch. It turned out much neater, and i didnt have to work around old wiring. Definitely use a good diagram too.