I listened to Relationship. Sounds ****ing fantastic man. I maybe wouldnt have the guitar in the first verse panned so hard, sounds a little un-balanced but otherwise I have nothing bad to say! It's a great song as well; early 2000's sounding. What did you use mic-wise? Especially on the drums? You must have quite a nice set-up.

Crit Mine?
Excellent production, i was very impressed! Did you do everything here? If you did, you're a very talented person
Holy shit. Thats sound EXCELLENT! Sounds like you recorded in a big time studio. What do you use for recording?

Lurking your pictures, YOU HAVE A DUMBLE OVERDRIVE SPECIAL!?!??!?!?! Damn man. Did you use it on any of the recordings? I really want to hear this bad boy in action.
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Yeah, I used it on a bunch of stuff.

I have a studio in my house. I use ProTools 9 HD3 with a few 192s.

For outboard I have 6 Neve 1073 pres, a UA 6176, 2 UA 1176 Blue Stripe Anniversary comps, 2 Empherical Distressors and a million plugs.

Also use an iPad

I use the Dumble (mine is a combo) a lot but I usually use a Divided by 13 and a SLO 100 blended together.

Thanks for the feedback.

There is a song called like that in my profile. That solo is a PRS into the Dumble.
Nope, I went to Berklee for about 3 weeks but left to join someone's band and have worked with them on and off for almost 10 years now.
The quality is excellent, and the style is really different and fresh take on pop punk, it's not exactly my kind of music, but it was very well done nevertheless! And when I was say it's a fresh take, it relaly is, it's good to hear a not so electric pop punk song!