I have a '92 peavey predator, i jus put a stock ibanez humbucker in the bridge about a year and a half ago. I am thinkin of buyin new pups and i jus wanted to hear some ideas on the matter, its an hss now with the singles bein the stock peaveys and im pretty sure i want to replace all three. I am goin for a bluesy/classic rock and roll sound. There is a picture of the guitar on my UG profile if u want to see it. Thx for the ideas!
What is your amp that you're playing it through? The amp will make your guitar sound much better and change it overall compared to new pickups
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Im playin through a Crate Gx-40c, i really like the amp its got a really good clean channel which is great since i use pedals anyway and it really brings out the dimarzios in my ibanez. It does help the peavey some but im still not happy with the sound of it, im kind of picky when it comes to the tone im lookin for.