I'm looking for some dedicated people to help do a full length cover of The Wall by Pink Floyd.

This will be an online project need pretty much anything. i myself am a guitarist but could have another on board to help out.

I want to do this album justice and if you don't think you can pull it off then this project isn't for you.
I've been doing a bit of this song by song, and I've got a few of the songs done. I wouldn't mind trying it with someone else as well.
i,ve done full lenth cover of the wall before, but has been some years ago, if you need any help with solos or any guitars or bass give me a shout.
Whatever you might want, i'm willing to help. I love Pink Floyd, especially the Wall.
That's a Bingo!!! Is that the way you say it? "Thats's a bingo?"

-Cols. Hans Landa AKA The Jew Hunter,
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