Here's the list and will be adding a few things here any there as I run across them as im cleaning out the gear closet..

Everything works great, only reason im selling everything is a nice little police officer moved in next door so I wont be able to mess around with a live rig anymore and going to be taking a different direction later on so everything has to go. Already sold the Framus cab, Peavey and Legacy Heads. Sucks because it took a lot to get my dream rig built but really don't have the time to mess with it anymore since I cant play late at night anymore.

Everything listed is the price without shipping. Shipping will need to be added to the price. Just shot me over your info and I can get a estimate. Also prefer not to ship out of the USA that includes Canada.. Its always a nightmare and dont really have the time to mess with it these days.

Now on to the list.......

***Everything is in used condition***

T.C. Electronic G-Major $150
Rocktron Hush Super C $100
Randall RM4 Empty $400
Randall Jaded Faith Ultra XL Module stock knobs $200
Randall JTM Module $100
Randall Blackface Module $100
Furman PL-8 Series II $100
Korg DTR-2000 $170
Emg 89 with push pull pot $60
Emg 89 with push pull pot $60
Emg 81 $40
Emg 81 $40
Bell Brass Big Block for a floyd rose $20
Tremol-no $35

Rack Gear

Jaded Faith Module

Emg 89's

Will be adding new pictures as people request them..
Interested in the power conditioner pmd you.
Also possibly on the super c.
My gear-
Schecter C-1 Classic
Mesa Boogie 2 Ch. Dual Rectifier(blackface)
Avatar 2x12- v30s
And some pedals

For sale Minty Ibanez RGA7 seven string with tour grade hsc $330+s/h or best offer!
PM me if interested

R.I.P Ashley S. Jean