I have a pretty cheap studio setup. its basically my amp on top of my dresser in my closet with some mics. i actually find that i get a pretty good sound quality and tone out of it. now my problem is that sometimes my amp starts humming. its completely random when it starts and doesnt stop until the amp is off for a while. then it just starts up again after being on for 2-10 mins. i cant really record clean guitar tracks with that hum going. its pretty loud. i googled and found that i may need a "power conditioner" to regulate power to my equipment. i found one for about 50 bucks with 10 outlets. seems perfect. is this a common problem that can be fixed that easily? is that a good deal on a power conditioner? is there an alternative? I dont think its the amp because it doesnt do it when im at school. its a peavey vypyr 100w. any help is greatly appreciated.
Fifty dollars for any power conditioner provided it isn't a piece of shit is a good price.
I'm most likely buying one for fifty dollars withing the next two weeks. Saw one on the local used listings.
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Put the amp somewhere else. Or just use a free noise gate in whatever DAW you're using.

Putting the amp somewhere else won't fix his problem. He would have to put the amp in a different room with a seperate breaker.
Oftentimes electricians will cheap out and put two rooms on one breaker. The whole third floor of my house is on one breaker. It sucks in the winter, I can't run my heater and four amps at the same time for band practice.
The noise gate doesn't solve his problem either. That may be a solution, but a shitty solution. This doesn't fix the original problem, it only tames it in a recording situation.

Do you have any dimmer switches which share the same breaker as the room with the amp?
Dimmer switches will create buzz in amps. Not exactly sure why.
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i live in an apartment. i tried a different room. the same thing happened. i dont plan on messin with any breakers. and, if by dimmer switch you mean those light dimmers, no; i have none. i guess ill just get the conditioner.