Hey, I currently play a 1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio out of a fender amp. I have recently gotten into the band Phish and really get hooked to the funk/zappa style which trey has. I consider myself fairly avant garde with my play style and love the fullness that my guitar has. But i want to attempt to somewhat replicate Trey's sound. If anyone has any helpful idea like which pedals to use and what settings for the amp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
If your want information on Trey Anastasio's gear, the following website is quite informative:


I have also seen a website that has pictures of some of his effects pedals with the settings visible. If I am able to find that website again I will post it later.

One semi-important feature of Trey's funk sound is the "funk siren" sound he creates by using (I believe) his Boomerang loop pedal, rack delay and whammy pedal while lowering the volume on his guitar. An example of the "funk siren" is found in the beginning of the following video, and if you have listened to '98 Phish shows you will recognize its use throughout various jams:


Most importantly, listen to a lot of Phish shows from 1997 and 1998 (and perhaps even as early at Halloween 1996, when Phish covered the Talking Head's album Remain in Light, which greatly influenced their funk sound in the years thereafter) and analyze how Trey approaches both lead and rhythmic playing (it might help to contrast this by listening to Phish shows from 1993 to pre-Halloween 1996).