Heya guys,

I'm just wondering when you guys write a certain style of music do you find yourself building around a similar "formula" each time.

Like for example im writing stuff like karnivool/cog etc. and even in their songs they do it. I tend to write something above the 12th on DGBE strings maybe some on the A string.... then after a few rotations drop it down into some heavy riff.

Or if im writing metal I generally start a lead guitar on A(7th fret) on the D string etc.

I'm not sure if this is personal favor for these types of songs or if im doing it by habbit on unconsciously there's a reason for it. It doesn't stick me in a rutt where all my stuff sounds the same its just general "go to" guidelines for me.

How many of you have a similar song writing format or any "personal guidelines" for song writing/riff writing/soloing etc. like if your the shredder that always builds up to 17th fret on high E then incorperates tapping or something.

Inbefore : I do what ever the song calls for - It's not what im asking.
I like to use the twelve bar blues pattern, and alter up the chord progression a little bit.
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I can write a coherent tune ... But 3/4? I play rock, not polka.
I just play what I hear in my head... Sadly, the music in my head can become a little repetitive at times..
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i usually have a fairly constant accompaniment with variations of things over it, often quoting other pieces that i've written but in a different context. that or an interesting kinda mathematical, theoretical idea that i try and flesh the possibilities of.
I have a tendency to play a chord progression and then put it up an octave as single notes
i usually try to keep my songs varied. i'll usually write a small part of them just jamming on a guitar or piano and from there i use a little theory to transcribe what i hear in my head. usually if i write something and think it sounds too similar to other stuff i've done then i'll go back and work on it, some of my coolest stuff came from tweaking melodies