I'm interested in picking up a microphone to record from my Bugera 6262. I was wondering what's in the "best bang for buck" range. So far my knowledge of microphones is very slim and I don't really know where to start looking, about the only microphone I know is the Shure SM57 which seems to be universally held as good for both vocals and mic'ing amps. By the sounds of it I guess I'm after a dynamic microphone suited to this purpose, I was hoping I could get something decent under $100au (all the SM57s I have found are at about $150). If I'd be wasting my money to go below that though so be it, I'll fork out the extra cash.

I've noticed a bunch of Sennheiser microphones around, I've always been a big fan of their headphones, how do these rate compared to Shure?

So TL;DR: I need a dynamic microphone for preferably below $100au suited for recording from my Bugera 6262-212 combo
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Honestly, go with the 57. It's a solid mic that has many uses and a standard in anyones mic arsenal. It may be cliche, but it is for a reason; a great mic at a solid price.
If you lived in sydney I'd sell you pretty much a brand new SM57 i had for $100..
Only used it once and has lived in its pencil case since.
The general rule is that 57s are for instruments, 58s are for singing. But really either can go either way. If you can, spend that little bit extra to get the 57. It's the industry standard microphone, and isn't likely going to let you down.
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