so..umm i have a dean ml 79 and i took out the pickups in it and i put an emg x 81 pickup in the bridge....it has connectors so i dont have to solder...i did everything the instructions said http://www.emgpickups.com/content/wiringdiagrams/EMGX-H_r0230-0110C.pdf i used diagram 3 with one pickup,on volume and one active tone..i did everything that it said and connected everything exactly like the diagram shows but for some odd reason when i plug into my amp all i hear is buzz and humm i strum the strings and i dont hear anything...i wanna know if i did something wrong? or whats the problem in general?....
try a new battery...

then go find the 'Active Pick Up Wiring' or one of the 'Ultimate Wiring' or 'Guitar Wiring' threads here at UG. It can be found in the Guitar Building and Customizing forum in the Stickies. Let me know if you can't find it.
sounds like it could be your ground wire somewhere is messed up
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I have to ask a tech support question... Are you using a new battery?

If yes, check that any exporsed wires are not touching other exposed wires.
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Quote by xman345
the instructions says i dont need the bridge ground wire O.o...

You don't, active pickups ground to the stereo jack.

To me it sounds like you didn't hook something up right, like, the pickup signal isent' making it to the jack.

A dead battery wont give this affect, you wouldn't hear anything if the battery was dead.

Try unhooking everything, and then redo it.