I play an 8 string, 26.5 scale in drop G, so yes it's tuned up a bit (1/2 step on low G and 1 1/2 on the rest). G-D-G-C-F-Bb-D-G

Right now I have 72-56-46-36-24w-15-11-8

I like it but then I don't, it's really tight and sounds good, but it's forced me to raise my action quite a bit and it's slightly difficult to play. What would YOU use?
Im not accustomed to 8 strings, but is 8-72 (1 extra high 1 extra low) really change that much in regards to your neck and bridge? Wouldn't you beable to set it up similar to a 11-56 6 string D standard tuning and the gauge etc. would just bring the tuning?

Talking from a bass player point of view i did GCGCFC tuning and all i did was use a heavier gauge and got a custom G string but I didn't have to change the action etc. at all to compensate.

Main point. The strings look like ther gauged fine, I have 4 guitars(6 strings) set up in D standard and there all similar to that gauging. I'd personally look at fixing the action/bridge etc.
i would not attempt the high G unless i had a fanned neck,

Trust me, ive already tried >_>

also the thinner the string the weaker. so youd actually be better off with a 9/10 in that situation.
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Yea see I thought they'd be ideal too but once I got em on there it forced me to crank the action to nightmarish levels. If I just trem picked and palm muted everything it would be find, but then what's the point of an 8 string? More articulate stuff is very difficult, diminished stuff is 3x as hard as I'm used to and it's not the neck.
the highest 4 string are perfect 8-24w, it's more the lower 4 I'm concerned with
as in the low strings raising your action?
If anything it would be your high string raising the action... the low strings being wound would stretch alot easier
it's got a hip shot bridge, basically a modified strat style. so I can adjust action for each individual string. the highest for are perfect right now, super low action and perfect tension on those. It's the low 4 that are giving me problems.

I just restrung the d g and c strings to 52, 42, 32 respectively. lowered the action on those a bit from where they were with the higher gauges and that seems to help, a little buzz but doesn't come through the amp at all. lowered the 72 as low as I possibly could and it's tolerable now. now the problem is the big gauge gap between 72 and 52. I've tried a 64 and 66 in the past and was a little too floppy. Maybe I'll pick up a 68 and 70 and see how those work.
I've gotten a high A with a D'Addario .007 at 27" on my RG2228. Granted, the bridge and nut helped out a lot with no places to add extra tension. I've had a high G with a .008 though, I could bend it half a step but didn't dare go higher. A .007 would have been perfect, if I had one on hand at the time.

It depends on how tight you want your strings. Try this tension calculator. I like rather light strings and for drop E I use:

.008p | .011p | .014p | .019p
.030w | .040w | .054w | .080w

For a low F# I drop down to .074. Looking at the gauges you use... I can only think 'holy shit, that tension is insane'. Here's what I'd use in that tuning at that scale length to maintain a similar tension:

G .007" PL == 12.13#
D .0095" PL == 12.54#
B,b .012" Pl == 12.61#
F, .016" pl == 12.58#
C, .026" nw == 15.78#
G,, .034" nw == 15.09#
D,, .046" nw == 14.99#
G,,, .070" nw == 15.6#

The top four strings are plain steel. That's what I would honestly go for in your position. If you want tighter... copy and paste that into the calculator, remember to adjust the scale length, and build a set to your liking.
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