Hey, folks. I posted a cover of this song a while ago but ended up not being happy with it all. Redid all the instruments yesterday and my friend came over to redo vocals today. One of the major complaints has been that the vocals lack power, from a performance standpoint, and are a bit cold. We worked really hard on vocals this go around and hopefully they turned out a lot better (I sure think they did :p.


We're not completely done yet, this is just the vocal tracks in a quick mix onto the instrumental mp3 then limited and bounced. Hopefully tomorrow we'll finish up the more raw/screamy parts of the songs then I can do proper editing and mixing. I'm most concerned with the vocals anyhoo.

Lemme know how it sounds, c4c!
Pretty good mix. I haven't heard your first version of it, but it's sounding really good. Everything has it's place, it's not muddy at all, at least on my speakers. The vocals still seem to lack a bit, possibly because they're so high, but I think if you pumped the level too much more they'd be overpowering. If the track was mastered it might help them jump out a bit. Have you used much EQ and compression on them?

I love the tone of the guitars, and the cleanness (not cleanness of the tone, just the clean playing and clarity of the tracks).

The drums are full and powerful - and if they're programmed you've done it well. I think all this needs is to be mastered properly, that should bring out the vocals and just polish everything up.

I'd love a C4C but I have no songs on here. Check out my Kompoz profile though - http://www.kompoz.com/member/NOSPI

I have some old stuff on there, no newer stuff though. I'm looking for a singer. It'd be great if you could find me one Just to get some of these songs finished. If you do know someone who may be interested (perhaps the singer from this track) then just send me a PM.

Thanks, and keep up the great recording.
I Love Mcr , and this is one of my favourite songs. I must say its a pretty decent cover , the vocals are in tune and you have a great voice , but it needs more...Raw, Its too clean.

But non the less , its a great cover.

C4C Check my cover

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@gattcat0: Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it! And I agree with this rendition being half way true and half new; Gerard Way has a pretty unique and difficult to replicate style, so the vocalist just decided to try as be as mean sounding as she could while sticking to her own style. We're going to go in and do a lot of harsher dubs and what not in the near future, yesterday we only did 'clean' vocals, which is why the beginning is missing.

@NOSPI: Thanks! Yea, I feel you on the vocals not sitting right in the mix yet. For this version we just recorded the vocals onto the instrumental mp3 on a different computer so they aren't properly mixed in with the instruments, they're just sitting on top. Only processing on them in the clip is some medium compression, a bit of verb and a limiter (same chain copied to each track... laziness!). Once we finish tracking all the different parts I'll move them to my main comp and will do a full mix/master.

I listened to your 9/09/2009 project and really liked it. The ominous intro is great and I enjoyed the verse riffage and the big melodic part that came in around 1:30. I could definitely see this song taking that big radio rock type sound. I'll ask my friend if she's interested in doing some sort of vocals on it!

@Ricardo: Thanks a lot! Hopefully once we record some harsher screams/growls and mix those in it'll take on a more raw sound! I left a comment on and liked your youtube vid! I'll pass the compliment on the voice on to my friend :P