what songs do you love to solo over the changes? ive recently just love the changes in "Lady Bird"
the Cmaj to F-7 Bb7 is just fun to solo over
Rhythm changes, took me forever to learn it and I still screw up half the time.

Freddie Freeloader, very straight forward and there is plenty of room to take lines with space between them.
I think my favourite would be a modified minor twelve bar blues with I-IV-VII or I-IV-VI progressions
"in your own sweet way"

"my one and only love" (specifically the chromatic bass movement of 5-#5-6 in the A)

the second ending from "on green dolphin street"

"softly as in a morning sunrise" (I can get lots of
mileage out of those few chords in a solo)

"there will never be another you"/"s'posin" (same thing as before. Eb and Cm are good keys for my solos)

"on the sunny side of the street" (has a V7/vi AND the chromatic bass motion nebtioned before, although some just play it as a ii-V to vi although it's fundamentally the same thing since Bo7 is the upper structure of a G7 and E7b9's upper structure is G#o7)
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"in your own sweet way"

Awwwwwww yeah

For pop played by jazz, What's new, Misty, Lullaby of the Leaves, and Darn that Dream

For Jazz, Night in Tunsia, Fables of Faubus, Moment's Notice, Maiden Voyage and Bright Moments (Roland Kirk)
^^ "darn that dream" has some ****ed up changes. sounds great for sure but I can't solo over them for shit haha. good choice!