I'm absolutely crazy for a certain guitar tone that I've only heard on some music from the 1970's. It involves this biting, high-pitched sound being heard a slit-second before you hear the actual note the guitarist played, usually on the G, B and high E strings. I'm trying to really dive into this tone - I've got a guitar with P90 pickups and that seems to be helping, but any other suggestions? Thanks for any help!!
Here's a quick example of kind of what I'm looking for.
The guitar tone on this whole song...... I want it. Oh, and this is one of the best musicians I've ever listened to in my life!
Nice tone, I think need a british voice plexi style amp like an old marshall and a fair bit of treble, maybe even a treble booster like Brian May uses. Also, I am only listening on my laptop speakers so can't tell, but I think I hear a very mild fuzz

There's an old interview with him here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-sTtpURjYY&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=AVGxdCwVVULXemrcolG-Qy5IU8OQu1xJ-e where he says his stuff is home recorded. So the guitar sound could be the sound of the recording technique, as it does sound like it's clipping the microphone.
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^^, yeah will help
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I'm unable to listen to your link justnow, but I'm going to make an eccentric suggestion: metal pick? famous people might include brian may (who uses a coin as a pick) and Eddie van halen, off the top of my head. but it gives you a little 'click' sound before every note. try and get a brass one if you get a choice, they don't catch the strings as much.

EDIT: http://www.guitarbitz.com/740.htm
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Thanks so much for the suggestions guys!! I'm going to definitely try that metal pick thing. It seems that the tone I'm looking for happens when the pick causes unintentional artificial harmonics right before the normal note occurs, and I think a metal pick might really help amplify that. Along with my very trebly P90 pickups and the right distortion, I think that this tone may be achievable.
High treble and mids, and using a thin coin as a pick both help. A metal pick may be a more sensible option if you're afraid of ruining the strings (ie you really dig into the strings).
Also, a lead boost of sorts may help accentuate the harmonics.
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Ha. You think that's a biting guitar tone? Listen to merely the 1st second of this :P

But on a serious note. Mids up, metal pick like these guys have said. Sorted
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Definitely fuzz in there
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