hey everyone, im looking to purchase a new acoustic guitar, i know exactally what i want in it, but i dont know what kind of guitar that would be, care to help me out?
im looking for:
steel string acoustic
electric capability
low profile (small body)
full size
low action
not willing to pay over 1000 Australian dollars

maybe try an Ovation? its kinda of a love hate thing with the sound, but they're concert body, electric, and generally play rather well. they have plenty of variety under 1000.
I agree, probably an Ovation.

I have a Washburn EA-14, electric capability, it's a thin body and a lot smaller than my traditional Takamine guitar. I used Martin Silk & Steel strings and it's pretty sweet.
If you have an H&H music store near you go check out the Sonata line there. I bought one of their thinline A/E's and love it.
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For the love of god, please do not get an ovation. If anything, look into some kind of Takamine or Taylor, and go used if you have to. They will be much better than an ovation.
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Check out the new Yamaha APX series. They were designed to perform amazing plugged in and I have to agree. They also match everything else you want.
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i suggest you check out a fender tim armstrong hellcat. better unplugged presence and tone than the apx series or the ovations.
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