Samich Greg Bennett Acoustic

i recently changed my factory strings to earnie ball super slinky acoustic (the factory strings have been on it for about 6 years). left it for about a week untuned, tuned it and noticed about the 10th fret and down the strings are much more separated than the higher frets. in fact, i tightened the truss rod and there is some buzz but the lower frets are still to far from frets. pics attached


any help is appreciated
Doesn't look that far out to me; the action at the nut looks pretty good, in fact. Let me refer you to the Frets.com site:
Where you will read through the "basic guitar setup" section. You will get the standard measurements for string height and you can compare.
Tweaking the truss rod (leave those things alone!) is likely not the best thing to have done; the site will explain precisely what that's for.
It may be that you have a humidity problem; if the guitar has become dry or overly wet, changes in the body can affect string height.
thanks for the info. yep the action toward the nut is fine, its only farther down. i read through the link, seems like sanding down the saddle would be an option, but it seems like that would also effect the action toward the nut as well, no?
No. There are essentially three steps to setting the action on an acoustic guitar. First you need to determine if the neck relief is in good shape and the instrument is generally in good shape. (body not pulling up, bridge area "sinking" due to drying out... etc.)

Then, the action at the nut is set as per the articles by filing the individual slots with proper nut files. Then... The action at the saddle can be adjusted. The guy shows you how to measure with a straightedge to get the ballpark figure for material removal, then it's a matter of patient fine-tuning.
ya a bit of sanding the saddle would help, but if this is your first rodeo I'd advise you to take it to a shop for a pro setup. Should be around $30 or so.
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